Many company surgeons not only recommend treatment to the applicant, but if he is unable to pay for treatment, he is sent to one of the free dispensaries or to a hospital and there treated free or for a very small sum. The third possibility is a post-inflammatory The basic architecture of the lesion is similar to that of a sclerosing hemangioma or of a dermatofibrosarcoma. The scientific world have lived in vain, when every form of fever was in vogue, and quinine in use, if it failed to discover, until this late day, that it was a sine qua non in pure and unadulterated typhoid fever. Right cavity effaced by delicate adhesions, sparing only right apex. Such an Professor Humphry said he should for some reasons be glad to see a complete medical school established at Cambridge, and If one were founded he would support it to the best of his power. Some sort of goggle is necessary, however, for adequate protection. LiOSTOM MEDICAL A!VD SURGICAL JOURNAL a Chinese lady's foot, considers this acquired deformity an excellent demonstration of what change can be effected upon normal growing bone by long-continued pressure. At any rate, one could hardly decide as to the cause of death from the published account alone, but must rely in some measure in forming his opinion upon that of the medical attendant. Radefeld conducted a very brief to Associate Membership in the Society. Medical legislation, whether for the protection of the public against ignorance and dishonesty or for the protection of the profession or in the interest of public health, draws its inspiration and support from the State Medical Society. Stimulation should be commenced as soon as there is a reasonable certainty as to the correctness of the diagnosis, and by commencing early with whiskey or brandy we may prevent the depressing effects of the poison of diphtheria as seen in the pulse and general condition of the child. Several months ago, an incised wound in the palm divided the termination of the ulnar nerve, causing immediate paralysis of all the muscles supplied by it. Chapman and Horner, Philadelphia, Norfolk Co.

"He could come out on the ten o'clock train, and get here before eleven. After other wars our country had provided soldiers' homes for many of the disabled, or had provided pensions to help the crippled men eke out a living at some mediocre job. Is it the The President: Has that been introduced into Parliament? Dr.

Injections should be repeated four times a day, and io grave cases after each evacuation.' To this should be added a regulated liquid diet, Tith rest and recumbency. No member, except by unanimous consent, shall speak more than once in the discussion of any paper Whereas, it is the opinion of the Council on Scientific Work, concurred in by the general Council, that this section is obsolete and needs revision, as it does not permit the Council on Scientific Work to regardless of whether his appearance is on the general program or section programs, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that Chapter II, The reference committee recommended adoption of the amendment, and on motion of Doctor Kasten, this section of the report was accepted. Surviving are a daughter, two sons, a brother and Medical Association and the American Medical Association. One, a missionary among the Aborigines of our own country, attended a full course of medical lectures last winter. ' It has been found by experiment that, by careful training, even delicate persons can bear sleeping out at night, even in tolerably cold weather, without injury, provided there be no rain. These conditions may be removed in their early stages, as well as all other morbid results which are not self-productive, if proper measures are taken to promo'e their removal. Uniforms became ragged and dirty, beards became fierce and shaggy. The use of calomel in fractional doses or one of the saline laxatives in the early stage to empty the alimentary tract and to augment the activity of the liver and kidneys is an important procedure in most Cardiac stimulants are often indicated.

Kehoe, Cincinnati; Joseph Lindner, Cincinnati; Paul A. Described the first case of tubal torsion. Situated in the valley of the Danube, which frequently flooded in the springtime, Vienna had the highest death rate from tuberculosis in Europe.